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Hack game online, auto game. COVID-19
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April 2021
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 Game Hunter Age: The New Journey v1.0.23 MOD HIGH DMG | HIGH DEF

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Nguyễn Thanh Vân
Thành Viên Víp
Thành Viên Víp
Nguyễn Thanh Vân

Tổng số bài gửi : 113
Join date : 26/07/2020

Game Hunter Age: The New Journey v1.0.23 MOD HIGH DMG | HIGH DEF Empty
Bài gửiTiêu đề: Game Hunter Age: The New Journey v1.0.23 MOD HIGH DMG | HIGH DEF   Game Hunter Age: The New Journey v1.0.23 MOD HIGH DMG | HIGH DEF EmptySun Jul 26, 2020 7:17 pm

Game Hunter Age: The New Journey v1.0.23 MOD HIGH DMG | HIGH DEF BN4vQ592xpUZ_CnVqWgXTwBaDAT7AaoYxOpHl5FI5C1XZwDtzZ6OVXzeM0-QmARhIkbP=s180

Name: Hunter Age: The New Journey Hack Mod Hack Mod

Hunter Age: The New Journey Hack Mod Mods Feature:
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Preview Mod:

Game Description

Hunter Age: The New Journey is an RPG mobile game, a combination between 2D & 3D art style. The gameplay is a mix between action and a bit of strategy, you need to control the characters to engage the battle in different style in order to pass 75 levels with increasing difficulty (and more on the later updates). With the use of several immersive visual effects, you will sure have their quality time playing it.

★[Explore New Adventures]★
Traverse through beautiful landscapes and go on invigorating adventures through an intriguing novel-based storyline. Tackle challenging missions and tons of enemies are awaiting for you.

★[Stunning Gameplay Visuals]★
Featuring a breathtaking fantasy 3 dimensional character beloved by fans of anime players marvel at this fully-featured, unique RPG on their mobile device. Hunter Age: the New Journey breaks the trends of traditional mobile games and brings a new gaming experience to its players.

★[Intense Real-time PvP War Battles]★
With heroic contests aplenty and fantasy battlegrounds galore, players can experience both PvP and PvE action in Hunter Age: the New Journey. Arrange your heroes and your wise tactical to defeat your foes.

★[Numerous Weapons, Gears & Equipments]★
With a wealth of unique and strong weapons, mighty runes, and plenty of editable forging format to choose, players have a nearly infinite amount of ways to build their heroes.

★[Characters ]★
Total of 5 characters you can switch to. Each of character will have a ability to effect your combat result. So choose them wisely. Each characters has its own unique skills with every weapons they get. Perform them without energy and kill all foes in the way

★[Tower of Eternity]★
Challenge the infinite battle in endless Tower. Complete the floor, you can assign you heroes to farm all u need in idle time.

★[Daily Rewards]★
Log in every day to get daily rewards including: gold coins, soul stones and Legendary items!


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Game Hunter Age: The New Journey v1.0.23 MOD HIGH DMG | HIGH DEF
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